We are a family run urban coffee house and craft beer pub - soon to be brewpub - combining our love of coffee, beer and people. Our goal is to become one of Hamilton’s best destinations for coffee, independent craft beer, healthy café food and charcuterie.

Our welcoming and inclusive environment is an awesome place for the community and our co-workers with great food made in house using locally sourced organic ingredients from small producers whenever possible, for vegans, vegetarians and om-nom-nom-nivors!

With fair trade and organic coffee roasted on-site and one of the best selections of craft beer from local independent breweries, we are bringing the historic notion of enjoying food and drink in a neighbourhood public house to our modern and intimate coffee house beer joint.

Changes to current labour laws have been rumoured but we have already implemented them. All of our co-workers are paid above both market and minimum wage. We extend benefits and entitlements, including sick days and meals, to full and part-time positions who are also paid the same rate for the same work. We have chosen to discourage the competitive anti-social environment that comes from tipping and foster an egalitarian workspace by sharing a percentage of our profits with out co-workers. All collected tips will be donated to local charities.

The dialogue here in Ontario about beer, wine and locally sourced food is a great backdrop to our adventure. For many years we have been researching and investigating, traveling and tasting, brewing and cooking, to figure out the details and ways to manifest our dream.

If you drop by our space you might be asking why aren't any of our own beers on tap yet.The current zoning in downtown Hamilton does not allow microbreweries, and although changes to allow brewing are coming it won’t be until June that these changes will be presented to City Council for approval. This situation has forced us to delay the introduction of our on-site brewing until the near future but rest assured we are working on it. In the meantime come hangout and enjoy the coffee, food and awesome beer from our favourite breweries. You can help us out too by writing to your local councillor and telling them you support the addition of microbreweries to the downtown zoning plan!

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